Oriven is a simple, lightweight, modular HTTP 1.1 web server written in C++. It currently has support for serving files and generating dynamic content using the included mod_python module. Oriven is not meant to be used in production environments, it is just an experiment in network and dynamic modular programming.

Information about Oriven

There is documentation on the design and implementation of Oriven included with the package above. For easy access it is mirrored here in several formats. The paper explains the design and implementation of Oriven in greater detail than, and goes along with, the presentation.

How to build and run

Oriven Server requires a C++ compiler, make, and python development packages to be installed. It should build on any POSIX compliant system, but you may need to modify the included makefile.

tar -xvjpf oriven.tar.bz2
cd oriven

You should now be able to access the server by going to http://localhost:8080/ in your web browser. Please see the oriven.config file for more options, such as how to listen on another port or interface address.


Welcome Page
Welcome Page
Python Module
Python Module
Code Overview
Code Overview


Here you can find all the released files for Oriven, with the most recent release listed first. The project was started in 2006.